Here we have a selection of our  for Professional Development titles and tools. Most of these have been developed out of need and desire to enhance the training programmes at the UK College of Personal Development. . We plan to add the complete catalogue of resources that has been produced in the coming weeks.


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Learning To Learn

A Guide & Support For Reflective Practice. Developing Critical Thinking Skills For Personal & Professional Development


This workbook helps those enrolled in the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring. Its role is:

  • To enhance the quality of your learning through facilitating critical reflective and reflexive practice
  • To support you in applying reflective and reflexive practice to your own worldview, values and beliefs

With the specific aim of you being aware of and able to challenge your own mindset, and become a flexible and adaptable thinker who can learn in any situation while studying for higher level qualifications.

Author: UK College of Personal Development



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ILM Team Leading Level 2 Certificate

Training Manual


A comprehensive tutor-led programme that is experiential and highly
interactive with practical work based assignments.

this training manual is combined with a workbook so that students can work through the material completing the required assignments as they go.


Author: UK College of Personal Development



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Coaching Diary & Skill Development Reflective Log

Reflective practice is one of the best tools, approaches and habits a coach can use to add to their skill development. It is considered by both academics, trainers and the professional bodies to be a central a key to the development of a coach’s professional practice, a powerful CPD tool, and will in time add real depth to a coach’s skill.

Reflective practice will also enable a coach to make the most of their supervision sessions as the habit of reflecting on what it is we are doing in our work will raise questions, gives us opportunity to step outside ourselves and make observations about what we are actually doing. These thoughts and questions are invaluable to the supervision process.

This tool has been developed by the UK College of Personal Development over the last few years and the central concept is based both on our observations of what successful students do, our personal habit of journaling and solid academic thinking and research.

Author: UK College of Personal Development


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Psychological Profiling In Coaching & Mentoring

Thinking about profiles (psychometric tests)

 Profiles of various types are all over the coaching. Leadership market there is so much choice to choose is often very difficult to select the right one for the right job.

This workbook helps those developing Excuitive Coaching Skills add profiling to their coaching toolbox.


Author: Peter Mayes











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