The Little Book of Personal Development


The Little Book of Personal Development

This best selling book now it its second edition has been a hit all over the world with its easy to read style, its self coaching questions and suggested activities.

The author, Tony  Nutley says that this book was his way of saying, “If I can turn my life around, then so can you”.   Tony is the Director of the UK College of Personal Development.

This book is for you if you are new to the idea of personal development, or if you feel like the time has come for you to begin some self analysis and set new goals for your future

The content contains a mix of stories, personal experience, inspirational quotations and ends with a challenge to the reader to put the ideas into action.


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  1. ukcpd

    It’s called ‘The little book of….’ for a reason, It’s little enough to carry and is inspiring. MOST books offering help just don’t get to the point. Too many books on offer have too much padding. I found this book a treat. It’s Great, concise and very helpfull. You’ll find practical ideas to keep you inspired and you’ll find yourself uplifted. It’s easy to read and you’ll want to re-read it if you ever find your motivation running low. This book is very easy to read and effective at giving you the boost you need. I have recommended it to all my clients. ~ Mr. J. A. Garcia

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