NLP Metaphorically


Creative, thought provoking and frequently humorous, this book offers you the chance to laugh, smile and sing your way through the NLP world. Created with the NLP learner in mind, it is neither an explanatory text nor a transcript. It is a series of twenty original stories and ten rap songs combining to provide a unique and entertaining approach to illustrating and teaching NLP. Most major topics within NLP are covered, including rapport, outcomes, anchoring, linguistics and presuppositions. A series of chapters, written as e-mail correspondence between two women, exemplify several change techniques.

The light, metaphorical touch of the author belies the technical excellence and density of the content. He uses his skills as an NLP trainer and his empathetic understanding of the human condition to provide the reader with an unparalleled experience. Each story and song can be read in isolation and each has many informative messages for the NLP student. Equally, the stories in the book can be enjoyed and appreciated by those with little or no NLP background. The characters and storytellers in the book include – dogs, gods, vegetables, computers, coaches, therapists, men and women on their various journeys and, of course, the occasional unicorn. This book is destined to be the necessary companion to all NLP journeys. It will make you smile.




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