An Independent Publisher of Personal & Professional Development Books

We are an  independent publisher based in Swindon, South West England specialising primarily in the publication of Personal and Professional Development books.

Our commitment to help our authors achieve success extends to both new and previously published authors, to empower readers with inspiring, thought provoking and useful models of personal and professional change and development.

In recent years the publishing industry has evolved and has seen a rapid transition from traditional print to digital, media-rich content, resulting in an innovative transformation within the print industry and ‘one click’ access to a global audience. We have embraced these latest print-technology innovations and include provisions for POD for bulk and personal orders by our authors. Published books are distributed internationally via our distribution partners (Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc) and soon, digital publishing to multiple e-Book readers globally.

As an independent publisher, we at UKCPD Press care about the quality of what we publish, seeking creative new voices, individuals with original thinking that have developed an idea or built on existing ideas in an interesting and enhanced way.

We aim to provide exclusive attention to our authors with a personalised marketing strategy for each piece of work.

Our commitment is to give each publication every chance for success. With our passion for high-quality informative and thought-provoking books, our dedicated team and a personalised approach to our authors, we believe that UKCPD Press will forge a long lasting relationship both readers and authors alike.

We are currently building our list of titles to be published. If you are an existing author looking for a more personalised service, or perhaps a first-time author looking to publish your first work, please get in touch.

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